Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gorditos Healthy Mexican Food

I think Gorditos is best known for the size of their burritos... they range from arm size to presto log size and really are jaw dropping to the unsuspecting. But the main reason that I love Gorditos is their tofu burrito, which completly holds its own rather than being a lame substitute for a meat version. The tofu burrito is full of steamy soft tofu chunks that have been grilled with onions and bellpeppers, whole beans, other good stuff, and then, if you order it wet, slathered with a nice layer of cheese and salsa and then put under a broiler until brown and bubbling.

I also love their salsa, which is served up warm from a heated vat and tastes smoky and charred. They have a salsa bar with all of the usual accompaniments... pickled onions and carrots, jalapenos, salsas... but the burritos are so delicious and saucy on their own a trip is hardly necessary unless there is a surplus of chips around.

The ordering experience can be a little bit chaotic... the place is usually busy and as you stand in line somebody makes their way down the line taking orders. As you slowly walk your way to the register, you pass by the bustle of a half dozen folks in a open cooking frenzy and you can see the magic that makes the food so delicious: lots of fresh ingredients sauteed, broiled, charred... Upon reaching the register, you pay, take a little paper maché donky with his own special name and your basket of hot chips and warm salsa, and find a table and wait for a server with your food to locate your donkey.

My only complaint is that in recent times everything has started to seem a bit too salty... I wonder if recipes have changed a little bit. Either way, the burritos here remain spectacular (a little fresh cool sour cream can soothe the salty tongue), and are really not even related to the refried-bean pupae burritos often available at other lesser establishments.
Gordito's Healthy Mexican Food in Seattle

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