Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Than Brothers

Than Brothers specialises in Pho, and they have a simple but long menu of all the different (and allegeidly delicious) meat options available.

What brings me to Than Brothers is their vegetarian pho, which is sort of difficult to find and definatly difficult to find a satisfying versian of.

The soup comes in inexpensive and large portions... a bowl of steaming vegetarian broth with lightly friend tofu strips, thin rice noodles, and mushrooms, onions and cilantro. Accompanying this bowl is a large plate of fresh basil, sprouts, lime wedges and jalipenos, meant to be added to the soup at the table. In addition, there is also the requisit Seracha pepper sauce, hoisen sauce, and pepper oil.

The end result is a really tasty body warming experience of a soup.

The kicker is that a delicious homemade creampuff comes with each bowl of pho.

The ambiance is clean and relativly simple, with lots of mirrors and light, and a few plants and alters and a fish tank.

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